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Shared by Product • April 19, 2024

Hi there,

We’ve made some major improvements to the Usage Dashboard in your ObservePoint instance.

Here’s what you can expect:

1. Usage Report Overview: The Usage Report offers a detailed analysis of Audit and Journey usage during your contract term, featuring current and projected usage data and advanced filtering for in-depth analysis. Access this report via the Usage Dashboard in the left-hand navigation bar.

2. Usage Dashboard Alerts: Set up threshold notifications for scanned pages or executed Journeys, including monthly pacing alerts. Recommended alerts include 70% utilization of the contract term and monthly pacing, which can be easily configured by clicking the alert bell.

3. Allow Overages Setting: Administrators can control whether to allow overages with respect to the allocated budget for ObservePoint contracts. Disabling overages prevents exceeding the budget but may skip crucial Audits and Journeys.

4. Exports and Filters: The Usage Dashboard now supports multiple export formats and advanced filtering options. Filters include criteria like Data Source Name, Folder/Sub-folder, Labels, Data Source Creator, Run Frequency, and users logged in during the last 30 days.

5. Audit/Journey Usage Data and Journey Services: Detailed charts and data for Audits and Journeys usage, including total pages scanned, current usage, and monthly pacing. Also provides information on completed or scheduled runs, monitored Web Journeys, and monthly resets for Web Journey fixes by the Support team.

We hope this enhancement helps you feel more confident in your ObservePoint usage - if you have any questions let us know!

For more details check out this help doc.

Here's a link to the new dashboard:


The ObservePoint Team